MASCOAT INC. is a pioneer and global leader in the production of thermal insulating coatings. The Mascoat product line is dedicated mainly to industrial recipients, especially in the power industry, chemical and refining industry as well as in logistics and transport. Mascoat thermal insulation coatings are also used in the food industry (NSF Certificate), especially in high-temperature processes and in refrigeration.

The main purpose of applying coatings is to reduce heat loss in production processes, during transport and storage, to protect personnel against accidental contact with hot health and safety surfaces, and to prevent condensation of water vapor on cold metal barriers, such as roofs, walls of buildings or floating structures.

Mascoat coatings virtually completely reflect thermal radiation and can be used to limit the heating of tanks, installations or buildings during periods of severe solar operation.

Mascoat paints are intended primarily for metallic substrates, where they also provide effective anti-corrosion protection.

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MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL DTI – thermal-insulation coating

Mascoat Industrial-DTI is a water-based paint based on high quality binders of acrylic copolymers filled with ceramic spheres, which after application on the substrate creates a light (d = 0.34 g / dm3) and a tight layer of air-filled ceramic composite with a thermal conductivity <0.07 W / m · K (ASTM-177).

Due to the high content of mineral particles, the coating is characterized by low absorption and thermal radiation (~ 85%), which in combination with practically zero heat transfer through the convection allows excellent thermal insulation parameters to be obtained at lower coating thicknesses than for most conventional insulation.

The coating does not absorb water or permeate water vapor, which is why, unlike insulation, for example, mineral wool, its insulation parameters are stable regardless of changes in humidity conditions, eg precipitation or condensation of water vapor. The coating is non-flammable (class 5 according to ASTM E-84 and ASTM E-87) and non-toxic (NSF certificate).

The reduction of heat transfer through the coating is obtained already after the application of the first layer and the effective operating thicknesses are in the order of millimeters. The thermal insulation coating can be continuously operated in the temperature range from -60 to 190° C.

MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL AC – anti-condensation coating

The anti-condensation coating is intended for use on “cold” partitions, such as roofs or walls made of metal profiles, liquefied gas tanks, cold pipelines or tanks, hulls of vessels, where under certain temperature and humidity conditions condensation takes place. In these applications, the application of a Mascoat coating results in a surface temperature increase beyond the dew point resulting in a reduction in the formation of undesired condensate.

MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL HR – coating reflecting thermal radiation

The high content of mineral particles in the Mascoat coating reduces the adsorption of thermal radiation (> 85%) as a result of which a significant reduction in the temperature of substrates protected with such coatings is observed. The Mascoat Industrial HR coating can thus protect commercial, logistic and industrial installations from heating up as a result of a solar operation. The application may concern, for example, low-boiling fuel tanks, air inlets for process or air-conditioning purposes, office and storage containers, cabin operators of other applications, where excessive heating due to thermal radiation is unfavorable.

MASCOAT INDUSTRIAL dB – sound attenuating coating

In contrast to previous products that change the thermal parameters of the object, the role of Mascoat Industrial dB is to reduce the noise created as a result of vibrations of various types of casings that unintentionally form acoustic membranes. The effect of sound attenuation is obtained by applying a flexible paint coat with a high specific gravity, which changes the parameters of the membrane’s vibrations by reducing their frequency and amplitude, thereby reducing the noise nuisance for the environment. Mascoat dB and Mascoat DTI coatings can be combined into a painting system, while achieving a thermal insulation effect and noise suppression.

A special application of Mascoat dB is the soundproofing of passenger car cabins in which high-quality audio systems are installed.

If you have any questions about this product offer, please contact us. We will advise you on the selection of the most appropriate product, the thickness of the coating and the method of preparing the substrate and applying the coating, or we will suggest a company that will do it professionally.