Industrial/building chemistry

We offer a wide range of products used in industry and construction. These are specialized products and full design systems adapted to individual customer needs according to the recommendations and specifications.

We are an importer and distributor of products of well-known and respected brands from Western Europe, ie DL-CHEMICALS – a Belgian manufacturer of construction chemicals, operating on the market since 1936 and ADSHEAD-RATCLIFFE – a British manufacturer of construction chemicals offering goods under the brand ARBO, which began its activity in 1859. Both companies specialize in the production of professional silicones, adhesives based on modified MS-polymers, polysulfides, polyurethane adhesives and many others. Thanks to their history, tradition and experience, they have become world leaders in many segments of the construction and industrial market, such as: glass, roofing, masonry, engineering, construction, car or shipbuilding.

Arbo Membrane Adhesive
Arbo Sealant Adhesive
Arbosil LM
Arbosil 1096

Paracol Montagekit WB
Parabond 600
Parabond Construction
Paracol Wood D3
Paracol PU D4 RAPID
Parasilico Aquarium
Parasilico Alcoxy 15 FC
Parasilico AM 85-1

In addition, we offer you our system solutions to the entire range. Waterproofing systems for water and moisture protection used on horizontal and vertical surfaces, on balconies, terraces, bathrooms and other water tanks as well as expansion systems used in vertical and horizontal connections in warehouses, halls and public buildings.

From among the rich product offer, we can distinguish:

  • polymeric, hybrid and MS-polymer-based adhesives and sealants; completely neutral, permanently flexible, for all construction and industrial applications;
  • silicone sealants – non-toxic, solvent-free; they do not discolour acrylic, sanitary or silvery surfaces of mirrors;
  • polyurethane adhesives – known and used in the construction industry; characterized by fast drying time and high flexibility;
  • adhesives for rubber and EPDM membranes – based on modified polymers or silicones, resistant to aging and UV rays, mainly used in the roofing sector;
    adhesives for styrofoam and stucco – high-quality adhesive for foamed polyurethanes; very strong;
  • geo binder for concrete repairs – shrink-free, cement-free, for leveling and protecting the concrete structure;
  • waterproofing – mineral and bituminous sealing compounds for moisture and anti-moisture protection.

A reference list of projects completed with the use of industrial and construction chemistry products provided by us. Click on the button.