Powder coatings

PROTECH-OXYPLAST GROUP is one of the world’s largest producers of powder coatings, whose brand is the most recognizable in this market. The group was established in 2006 by the acquisition of the Belgian OXYPLAST entity by the Canadian entity PROTECH. We are a Polish branch of the PROTECH-OXYPLAST concern; we operate mainly in Poland, but also in Belarus and Lithuania.

The participation of our company in a specific project related to the use of powder paints concerns the delivery to the contractor of powder paint ordered by the customer with appropriate technical parameters and – if necessary – technical supervision over the application process. At your request, we also provide other services, the aim of which is to obtain ready-made coatings with the highest possible technical quality.

Our advantages:

  • full RAL;
  • delivery within 24 hours;
  • service and technical support;
  • professional and friendly commercial service;
  • individual approach to each client.

Powder paints of PROTECH-OXYPLAST company have a whole range of applications in various industries. Here is a brief description of the main families of these paints:


Fluoro-polymer designed specifically for architecture. Excellent resistance to UV radiation makes this product one of the best in its category of applications. Ideal for applications in heavy industrial environments


Super durable polyester with a 25 year gloss and color guarantee. Class II QUALICOAT


Low-temperature paints with anti-gassing properties


It is an ideally solved coating that provides high corrosion resistance and very high chemical resistance. The EF series products can be used in a single-application protective application or as a primer in a three-layer application.


Solution for companies producing components that are equipment for hospitals. The antimicrobial properties confirmed by the tests have proven that on the details covered with the layer of this paint, bacterial cultures develop much slower. Excellent chemical resistance.


Wood paint cured by UV. Environment-friendly. A solution that gives higher production capabilities while reducing costs


Paint created for covering wood, eg MDF boards using traditional technology of thermal curing. These paints are available in a wide range of colors and with special effects such as texture


Paints with a velvety coating appearance. Ideally suited for covering bottles or bicycle frames. Resistant to abrasion and weather conditions


Paint resistant to high temperature (up to 485 deg. C). Also available in a weatherproof version. Excellent resistance to scratches and chemicals


Paints giving the optimal metallic effect. Such paints guarantee two things. Uniform and homogeneous coating and increase of recovered powder on cyclone installations


Paint that allows you to change the shape of the painted elements after it has been cured. Ideally suited for customers installing façade elements that need to be matched to each other at the construction site. Certified with QUALICOAT quality mark