Our Suppliers

What discerns us from our competition is a wide range of products from leading World companies as well as smaller companies that are always leaders in their own field of expertise..

PPG INDUSTRIES is an American company which history starts in 1883. The company is active in the fields of paint and other specialist coating materials production, mass market chemicals, special optical products, car and industrial glass and other similar products. PPG INDUSTRIES is a World leader in new coating technologies among others for the steel construction, petrochemical, refining, shipping, white goods, and electronics industries. The company has 125 factories in over 20 countries worldwide. The company is made of PPG Protective & Marine Coatings B.V. (http://www.ppgpmc.com/Home.aspx) and PPG PC, which produces and distributes anti-corrosive paints in Europe, Africa and Asia, this company is our direct supplier.

PROTECH-OXYPLAST GROUP is one of the World largest producers of powder coatings, whose label is most recognized in the market. The Group has become established in 2006 when Protech took over Oxyplast.

GERO PAINTS is a Belgian company established in 1947, it products among others anticorrosive and fire proof paints. Throughout its over 50 years of operation it has become highly recognized and reputable thanks to high quality of its products. Cooperation with this company is especially good for us since it has a wide portfolio of products and technical experience which allows creation of specially modified custom products to match our Clients specific needs.

ARKEMA GROUP is an international chemical company established in 2004, who’s history goes back much further and is connected to such French labels as: ELF, TOTAL and ATOCHEM. Since 2006 the group is listed at the French Stock Exchange in Paris.